It is our pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful range of cannabinoid products meant to improve and uplift your life, for a variety of purposes as needed and required by our clients respectively.

NVJ boasts a wide range of products that originate from legitimate international sources and have become very popular across parts of the country.

NVJ not only has a wide range of products but also has affordable pricing on each Consulting Product for the general Consumer, Beauticians, and Individuals in need of relief from Chronic Pains, ailments, and Cancer symptoms.

Cannabinoid Oils and Extracts are used not only for Health & Wellness purposes but are also very effective as Beauty products used in creams and salves.

Overall the Product can be found in Culinary, Beauty, Fashion, medical and wellness products and have been very effective in its uses and results.

Considering that this oil is of high potency, a very small amount is needed for it to be effective in the human body.

The method applied for distillation is efficient enough to extract the valuable oils from the flowers and upper leaves of the Cannabis plants.

Cannabinoid oil is a greenish liquid that is considered highly volatile, and its component parts are very potent, including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and other highly active organic compounds.

Our CBD Isolates are pure with NO THC present in our standard products and oils, which makes it fit for export and standard use with customers.

Cannabinoid Oil is also known for enhancing uptake of Omega 3, 6, and 9 which on its own has neurological health benefits and improves Neurological firing.

Overall Cannabinoid Oils are well known for their Holistic Health and wellness properties, which is making Cannabinoid products popular for consumption and for the general consumer interested in health and wellness